retaining wall and drainage system

Retaining Wall Installation And Design

Professional Retaining Wall and Drainage Systems

Looking for a practical home upgrade? Retaining walls are an attractive and useful addition to your property. They provide an excellent way to protect your home, foundation, and yard from flooding. Building a long-lasting retaining wall that doesn’t cause problems down the line is a tough job. Call in the team from Lonestar Landscape Group, and we’ll design and install a professional-grade retaining wall for you.

Retaining Walls For Drainage and Area Improvement

Boost Property Value and Usable Space

It’s hard to picnic or play on a slope. Retaining walls can be an attractive landscape element that also performs important jobs in protecting your home and lawn from flooding. It’s not often you find this much curb appeal and practicality. These features add to the usable area of your yard, which gives children more space to play or guests to enjoy themselves. It’s no surprise retaining walls add value to your home.


Protect Soil and Reduce Maintenance

Tired of worrying about your lawn in a flood or heavy rain? A properly-installed retaining wall prevents erosion and redirects standing water. Flood water kills your plants and washes away nutrients from your soil. You’ll also find it much easier to mow or perform other maintenance on a flat yard than a steep slope. Protect your landscape with a retaining wall from Lonestar Landscape Group.

Control Flooding

If your home is at risk for floods — or if water pools in your yard after a heavy rain — a retaining wall may be the solution you’ve been looking for. Retaining wall allow you to control where water goes, and they provide added protection for your home. Every retaining wall we install includes proper drainage to increase their effectiveness and prevent damage. Don’t rely on guesswork when it comes to protecting your home.