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Lonestar Landscape Group is ready to complete your next concrete job. Need a new driveway or patio upgrade? Looking to resurface or remove concrete? Ready to start a concrete extension or addition job? We have you covered! Contact us today to discuss your next Austin concrete project.

Concrete Services in Austin

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Concrete Driveways

If your driveway has become warped and damaged by underground roots, or if it has simply seen better days, Lonestar Landscape Group has you covered. Concrete driveways are incredibly affordable, and they come with numerous benefits. Did you know that a new driveway could increase the value of your home? Concrete driveways are not only durable, long-lasting, and easy to maintain, but there are also many ways to personalize the final look of your driveway. Whether you prefer texture, color, or patterns, our team can help you choose the style and concrete mix to suit your needs and your desired aesthetic. Our experienced contractors are highly skilled in their craft and will work with you on your project from start to finish.

Outdoor Patios

Have you been itching to breathe new life into your yard or garden? Adding a concrete patio to your property is a simple way to increase the value of your home and create additional living space! Aside from improving your yard’s appearance, a patio is a functional, long-lasting space that can be used for a number of purposes. Whether you’re having meals outdoors, chatting with guests around a bonfire, or simply admiring a beautiful day, the possibilities of your outdoor enjoyment are endless. Unlike wood patios or decks, concrete patios require little maintenance and are extremely easy to clean. If your concrete patio is ever damaged, they are also generally very easy to repair. After deciding on a location for your new outdoor area, we take great care in working with you to design and build the outdoor sanctuary you desire. The contractors at Lonestar Landscape Group are ready to help bring your dream patio to life.

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Concrete Resurfacing

Concrete is known for its durability, making it one of the most widely used materials in the modern world. However, it can be much easier than one would think to damage or stain concrete. Motor oil may drip onto and seep into concrete’s porous surface. Dropping heavy objects could chip or crack the concrete they land on. Cosmetic damages may seem as though they are merely an eyesore, but over time, they can become much larger issues. If certain oils or other chemicals are not promptly cleaned or removed from concrete, they can eventually break down the concrete. When this happens, a simple stain may become a hazardous crack. Resurfacing is one of the best options for homeowners when treating stains, chips, or minor cracks. Much more cost-effective than replacing an entire slab of concrete, resurfacing projects are typically quick and easy. Lonestar Landscape Group Depending can assess the damage and help your concrete look like new!

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Concrete Removal

Are you hoping to renovate your driveway or remove a shed foundation that you no longer need? Removing any existing concrete can be a daunting, labor-intensive, and sometimes dangerous task, especially without the proper equipment or ability to dispose of it. Concrete removal may require the use of heavy machinery or other specialized tools that most people don’t have access to. Lonestar Landscape Group contractors are ready and eager to help. Our contractors are trained and experienced in the proper procedures and safety protocols for removing concrete. Whatever the project, we have the ability to demolish and remove any and all concrete. After breaking down the concrete into more manageable pieces, the team will remove and dispose of it quickly and efficiently. Your property will then be prepared and ready for you to reimagine and renovate your space as you wish.

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Extension and Addition

Many of our customers are concerned about not being able to fit their family cars in their driveway, often having to resort to parking in the street. Others plan on adding to their homes the ‘DIY’ way, including pouring concrete for their new addition’s foundation. We have the best solution to both of these problems. We can happily extend your driveway, adding valuable parking space as well as value to your home. This saves you the headache of hunting for a parking spot and offers more security to your vehicle with off-street parking. The foundation of a building is the base of any new room you may be installing. Without a proper base, new construction will be more vulnerable to water damage, shifting, and foundation cracks. The cost to repair these issues could be double or triple the cost of laying a proper concrete foundation the first time. Whatever your need, the professionals at Lonestar Landscape Group will work with you to get the space you require.