Fast & Accurate Land Clearing in Austin

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If you are planning new construction or need to clear an overgrown area of your property, Lonestar Landscape Group’s land clearing services are as efficient as they come. No matter how intimidating a project may be, we take each project with thoughtfulness and organization. Whether you need to completely clear an area, remove the overgrowth, or crush and demolish rocks, we have you covered for any task. Our team will make sure your land is ready for whatever you have planned.

Land Clearing Services in Austin

cedar removal mulching clearing

Cedar Removal and Mulching

Many people are unaware that keeping cedar trees near your home could lead to precarious situations. This is especially true if cedar tree populations are not managed in open land areas. Cedar trees’ oil is highly flammable, and their low branches add to their high risk of contributing to a devastating wildfire. Wild cedar trees are also very prolific, and it is incredibly important to keep these trees in check. Many agencies recommend removing any cedar trees on your property to reduce risks. Lonestar Landscape Group can effectively remove cedars on your property. Our team then uses machines capable of mulching these trees to reduce any hauling costs.

land clearing for fences

Fence and Utility Rows

Are you looking for a new fence installation or a utility row renovation? Our services make light work out of any project which needs attention to detail and a precise hand. The professionals at Lonestar Landscape Group are talented in their craft and have the experience to complete your project effectively and efficiently. We’ll work with you to determine the best method and equipment for clearing. Should you decide to undergo any renovations or new installations, mapping out your utility rows is a good idea to avoid any accidental damage or problems.

right of way clearing

Right of Way Clearing

Not all landscaping companies are able to perform a right-of-way clearing project. It takes the right team, machinery, and dedication to the job to complete such a task. We enter each job with professionalism and efficiency. Clearing enough land for transport infrastructure is more precise than most would believe, and our contractors understand that attention to detail is crucial. Lonestar Landscape Group can assist you throughout the entire process of your right of way clearing project, and we’re always happy to discuss any questions or concerns along the way.

austin concrete removal


The term demolition promotes the thought of unorganized chaos and cartoonish destruction. We want each client to understand that we create a detailed project plan for every demolition project that we handle. Each procedure is laid out with safety and precision as top priorities, and we keep a keen eye on all aspects of every demolition. By doing so, we are able to identify any and all risks which may arise during the project, saving both time and money by reducing potential risks and hazards.

pond construction and removal services

Retention Pond Creation & Removal

Managing water is essential to our climate, local ecosystems, and our infrastructure. Flooding is a problem that we are able to combat by effectively creating or removing water retention ponds. A retention pond is a small body of water that permanently contains water at a maintained constant level. This water level is usually maintained by a source of water nearby, known as the baseflow. Any stormwater will be collected in the basin instead of flooding into any public or private property. If a retention pond is no longer needed, Lonestar Landscape Group is able to fill in the pond, therefore removing it.

Rock Crushing and Milling

We use top-of-the-line machines to crush and grind large rock material into gravel. We can use this material to line paths or fill as the foundation in some projects. We know how difficult it can be to get rid of many rocks on your property. It could be nearly impossible to dispose of them, not to mention how tiring it would be to remove them by hand. We make this task easy by simply milling the rocks in our industrial machines created specifically for the task.