rainwater drain between lawn grass and walkway path

Protect Your Property

Prevent Expensive Water Damage

We all want to keep our homes and families safe. If you have flooding on your property every time it rains, you need to take action. Excess water can cause major problems for your home and foundation. Excess water can even damage your lawn by washing away nutrients. Just one inch of flood water can cause $25,000 of damage to your home. By installing proper drainage now, you can avoid problems later and even add value to your home.

Sample of Austin Drainage Solutions

buried french drain pipe

French Drains

Tired of standing water on your lawn? A French drain may be the answer. Redirect extra water from your lawn or foundation to a new location, such as a dry pit, the city’s drains, or your rain barrel. French drains involve a perforated pipe running along a rock-filled trench. The rocks protect the pipe and allow it to carry water to the desired location. These trenches can be disguised with a layer of decorative rocks or grass sod.

back yard landscaping in Austin, TX

Retaining Walls

If you want to make a valuable and attractive addition to your property, a retaining wall will do the job. A professionally-installed retaining wall will last for many years and effectively move water where you want it to go. If your property has a slope, a retaining can level out that space, creating a larger usable area that’s easier to maintain. There aren’t many landscaping additions that give you a larger yard and add resale value to your home!

professionally installed rain gutters with downspouts

Gutter Upgrades

Tired of getting drenched every time it rains and you need to enter your home, or having to wade through puddles to reach your front door? If your home has no gutter, or if the gutter system isn’t getting the job done, Lonestar Landscaping Group can help. Water can be redirected from entrances to the municipal drainage, a dry pit, or your own water collection. We’ll help keep your family dry and happy.