beautiful stone clad home with outdoor lighting and reflective pool

Light Up Your Landscaping

Raise Your Curb Appeal, Safety, and Security

When you invest in your home, you want to enjoy it for more than just daylight hours. Without proper illumination, you’re only getting half the value out of your outdoor space. Not only will you show off your home exterior and your landscaping improvements, you’ll add an essential layer of security against intruders. You’ll even lower the chances of outdoor accidents on your property. Get professional lighting installed by Lonestar Landscaping Group, and your home will look great when the hour is late!

Benefits of Exterior Lighting

modern home viewed from the street with lighting illuminating the home at night

Boost Curb Appeal

Many realtors believe that professional exterior lighting can add up to 20% to the value of your home. That’s partly because good lighting lets you show off your home any hour of the day. Let Lonestar Landscaping Group shine a spotlight on all the things that make your home great, from the exterior, to the landscaping features, to everything else you’ve invested in your home. Get more enjoyment out of your house and make it a must-see for future buyers.

home in Austin, TX with beautiful outdoor lighting and modern landscaping

Improve Home Security

Everyone should feel safe in their home. Unfortunately, a dark house is attractive to would-be intruders. Protect your property and the people most precious to you with this valuable home improvement. Adding professional exterior lighting is the easiest way to improve your home’s security. Let our experts design a lighting system that lights your home enough to keep it safe without causing light pollution or wasting electricity. We’ll do a professional job so you can rest easy.

path along exterior wall of home with walkway lighting for safety

Make Your Home Safer

The majority of accidents happen at home, and most of those accidents can be avoided. Outdoor falls can be especially dangerous, especially for older people. With well-lit walkways and visible obstacles, your home will be much safer. Out of the many benefits of exterior home lighting, this might be the one you can feel the best about. Prioritize the safety of your family and guests, all while elevating the look of your home.