young boy looking at automatic sprinklers irrigating a front yard lawn

Austin’s Irrigation Experts

Keep Grass Green, Hassle-Free!

You have enough to worry about without having to water your lawn. It’s the easiest chore to forget, but it can have a devastating effect on your landscaping investment. Don’t worry, Lonestar Landscaping Group is here to make it simple. Whether you need to repair a sprinkler system or install a new irrigation solution, we want to help. We can provide for all of your irrigation needs, including installation, repair, and routine maintenance. Let us make it easy to keep your lawn green and healthy!

Benefits of an Automatic Sprinkler System

automatic lawn watering system timer

Easy Scheduling

We all know that consistent watering is the key to a healthy lawn. But aren’t you tired of messing with hoses and faucets? One of the biggest perks of an automatic sprinkler system is the ability to set it and forget it! With a modern irrigation system, it’s easy to tell your system what time to water, how long, and how often. Instead of spending all that time watering and watching timers, you can enjoy your evenings. Get a sprinkler system from Lonestar Landscaping Group and never forget to water the lawn again!

closeup image of automatic sprinkler head watering lawn

Stop Wasting Water

When you’re manually watering your lawn, it’s easy to waste water. If you water too long, in the heat of the day, or just forget to turn the water off, you may be doing more harm than good. And when you’re lugging hoses around, you’ll often water the sidewalk and your neighbor’s lawn. Installed sprinkler heads will target the areas of your lawn that need watering the most. And many systems have the option to detect rainfall and only water when your lawn needs it!

beautiful manicured front yard with landscaping beds

Add Value to Your Home

We all want a house with a lawn that’s easy to maintain. When you repair sprinklers or install a new irrigation system, you’re boosting the value of your home while making your own life easier. Sprinkler systems are long-lasting investments in your home, adding to your free time and keeping your lawn green and inviting. And if you plan to sell someday, a sprinkler system will definitely get the attention of buyers.